X2U / X4U



Swiveling monitor
The monitor can be adjusted fluidly and fixed in almost any position by the ball head.
Swiveling monitor
Our devices with this symbol are tested. For free fall from a common height of approx. 1 m, e.g. during an inspection from hip height.
Protected from limited dust ingress. Protected from water spray from any direction.

Technical specifications


Display size:   4,3"
Resolution:   800 x 480 Pixel
Power supply:   5 V DC
Smart power function, chargeable with a powerbank
Working time:   3 hours / expandable up to more than 6 hours (smart power)
Protection class:   IP 65


Image Sensor:   AIT advanced CMOS image sensor
Direction of view:  
Field of View (FOV):   90°
Depth of Field (DOF):   10 to 80 mm
Illumination:   High power LED on the Tip
Optional lighting:   UV / blue light (380-390nm)
IR not visible (940nm)
Lamp life:   up to 50,000 hours
Tube construction:   Durable multi-layer tube with tungsten braid on PU jacket
Protection class:   IP 67







Probes (mm):   4   6
Working length (m):   1   1
Articulation:   2-way   2-way







Probes (mm):   4   6
Working length (m):   1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0   1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0
Articulation:   4-way   4-way


Ergonomics:   One hand operation
Weight:   580g without probe
Dimensions Head (mm):   X2U = 94 x 134 x 55
X4U = 94 x 134 x 55
Dimensions Handle (mm):   X2U = 342 x 48 x 59
X4U = 315 x 85 x 90
Housing:   Rugged PU

Operating environment

Tip operating temperature:   -25° C to +80° C
System operating temperature:   -25° C to +46° C
Storage temperature:   -25° C to +60° C
Relative humidity:   95% less than - non condensing


Video format:   MPEG4 (.avi)
Image format:   JPEG (.jpg)
Storage:   Internal memory / USB stick


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Inspection images


Video Endoskop X2U / X4U Info

X2U / X4U
- Flexible videoscope system

The X2U and X4U combines portability, ease of use and high-contrast images in one System.

All electronic and mechanical components are united in the sturdy Housing. The integrated rechargeable Battery -supplies the maintenance-free LED Light Source and the camera control unit with 4.3“display.

The smart power function extends the working time up the limit.

The direct control of the distal end is carried out by the mechanical lever on the handle. Every contact of the probe to the surrounding is immediately tactile, what simplifies navigating in the inspection cavaties.

The choice between a 4.0mm and 6.0mm probe diameter allows you to find the right tool for your inspection purpose and to pass even small radii. The multilayer insertion tube assures the necessary torsional strength and stiffness while at the same time protecting it from pressure and pinches.