Endoscopes for troubleshooting, checking the weld seam, eliminating blowholes, and much more.

An aluminum engine can only function reliably if the cast components are free of sand and release agents. So-called blowholes can occur during production. With the endoscopes from IT Concepts, you can see into channels with the smallest diameters. Indirect visual inspection provides clarity in troubleshooting. UV-based systems are also available for more specific applications, making cracks, faulty corrosion protection or poorly welded doublings visible.

The combustion chamber of combustion engines of any kind is extremely important during development as well as in the repair shop. Rigid endoscopes or video endoscopes from IT Concepts make installed components and parts such as valves, pistons or cylinder tracks visible without disassembly. Visual inspection with an IT Concepts endoscope increases quality and reduces the complaint rate in your production.

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