A crucial asset:


  • No problem finding the spot again
  • No second inspection pass / procedure
  • See everything in the first visual inspection
  • The endoscope only needs to be guided once
  • Switch the camera from 0 ° to 90 ° or both viewing directions simultaneously
  • Everything at the push of a button on the handle


Brings the quick solution

ITConcepts gets you to your destination faster - the first time around.

With 2 cameras, compactly installed in the distal end, we create a complete overview in the inspection room!

- No second visual inspection
- No need to search for the problem again
- No lens change

See everything at a glance in excellent image quality

0° and 90° view simultaneously from 4mm diameter

multi vision technology - probe from 4mm
multi vision technology - extremely small radius

Dual vision from as little as 4mm. The laterally installed 90° camera is located directly at the distal end.
This means that the second sighting occurs directly without delay. Due to its compact design, the deflection unit is extremely short and provides the best possible navigation characteristics with a very small radius.

The new perspective

Two Perspectives!

If the benefits are so obvious...
...then it is the DUAL VIEW from ITConcepts


1 Endoscope


2 Cameras


2 Lines of sight

dual view - durchmesser 4mm 6mm

2 Diameters

And controlling it?
No problem!


The DUAL VIEW video endoscope system, like all devices of the IT CONCEPTS PRO SERIES, is controlled by the intuitive touch software EIOS (Endoscopic Imaging Operating System)