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An aluminum engine can only function reliably if the cast components are free of sand and release agents. During production, the so-called blowholes can occur. The endoscopes from IT Concepts give you an insight into channels with the smallest diameters.


Damage to buildings, which could have been prevented by regular maintenance with endoscopes, happens time and again. Even minor damage quickly leads to high consequential costs. There are many hidden places in areas such as coolers, heat exchangers, etc.

Building Services Technology

Wind turbines can only generate electricity when they rotate. However, the gears of these turbines are exposed to extremely high forces and associated loads. Gearwheels and bearings are often damaged by the heavy wear.

Energy Technology

Aircraft engines or helicopter turbines are probably the most sensitive components for manufacturers and airlines. Safety is a top priority here, so all engines, whether civil or military must be checked regularly.

Aerospace Technology

Even plant construction, especially with stainless steel pipes, usually requires 100% documentation of the welding seams in the interior. A challenge for every quality assurance and only possible if the video endoscope has a high-quality CCD sensor.

Pipeline construction

Hiding places for drugs, smuggled goods, weapons etc. are becoming more and more sophisticated. Stolen vehicles are more and more difficult to identify. Portable and handy reconnaissance equipment is therefore indispensable for investigators and customs units, task forces and DEAs.

Security and Police Sector

In foundries, numerous checks are also carried out on the finished casting by qualified inspectors who draw on the experience of video endoscope systems from IT Concepts. The quality standards in this industry are very high and demand 100% visual inspection and documentation.


Quality assurance is an undefined or specific area. More and more companies are getting certified and thus assure their customers of high quality. This ranges from development and process optimization to ongoing production.

Quality Assurance

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IT Concepts

Endoscopes in Use

The possible fields of application of industrial endoscopy and technical endoscopy are almost inexhaustible.

IT Concepts industrial endoscopes are used in the energy, aerospace, automotive, building systems, security and police sectors.

IT Concepts particular strength is its ability to combine the individual technologies of optics, electronics and mechanics through an absolutely autonomous research, development and production chain.